/r/Battlebots Hammerfall Entrants

This is attackfrog's visual guide to the robots participating in Hammerfall, intended to serve as a one-stop location to find all the info you need on your competitors. The grid is sorted roughly alphabetically from top to bottom.

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Anal Destroyer

by austinwer

Stats: Speed:5 Traction:5 Torque:5 Weapon:9 Armor:6

Description: This Razer-esque battlebot features a large piercing stabber arm thing, a flamethrower attachment on the arm to toast the insides of its enemies, and patented Anus Seeking Technology™.

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Blast Off

by CheshireCatXD

Stats: Speed:5 Traction:5 Torque:5 Weapon:9 Armor:6

Description: Blast off is a strong flipper, with a big pusher wedge at the end of the flipper arm, so that it can flip, but also be used in the case of damage to the pneumatics, or running out of air.

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by part-time-unicorn

Stats: Speed:5 Weapon:4 Torque:5 Traction:7 Armor:9 (+3 to front wedge(s))

Description: A 4WD flipper or wedge/flipper. The main feature of this robot is that it is short. Really short. There is a small flamethrower in the tail.

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by NickTheAwesomeFish

Stats: Speed:5 Traction:2 Torque:1 Weapon:14 Armour:8

Description: 4WD shell spinner with a static flag for direction finding and maybe self-righting.

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by Jas114

Stats: Speed:5 Armor:5 Torque:3 Traction:4 Weapon:13 (9 armor for the blade, 4 ISD)

Description: Basically Tombstone.

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Dumbo's Revenge

by BrianTheAmerican

Stats: Speed:6 Traction:4 Torque:4 Weapon:7 Armor:9

Description: Sports advanced AJAX ballistic shock absorbing armor and a mean-as-hell toothed drum spinner.

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by RoughFudge

Stats: Speed:8 Traction:6 Torque:6 Weapon:3 Armour:7

Description: Fairly simple wedge/lifter bot. Wheels have some extra protection.

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by imawesome1124

Stats: Speed:4 Traction:4 Torque:1 Armor:8(+2 to front wedges) Weapon:13

Description: Developed in a shop specializing in the most innovative pneumatic technology, HALBERD taxes axes to a whole new level. HALBERD uses compressed nitrogen to power its ferocious axe. A blunt edge that cuts through the air in excess of 70 mph, capable of striking 15 times in 10 seconds, to batter other robots into submission. The static forks on the front serve to get underneath other robots, making it more difficult for them to escape from the beating.

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by ianmiller1

Stats: Speed:6 Traction:6 Torque: 3 Weapon:9 (1 to the self righting mechanism) Armor:6

Description: Has the ability to self-right with its own flipper.

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Mass Hypnosis

by BreakingKode

Stats: Speed:5 Traction:4 Torque:1 Armour:6 Weapon:14

Description: 4WD horizontal spinner. Can work upside-down, has a decent amount of ground clearance.

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by Shaba117

Stats: Speed:5 Traction:7 Armor:11(+2 wedge) Torque:7 Weapon:0

Description: It is a pusher, plain and simple. The drive system is also invertable. It has a single armored, lower clearance wedge.

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by Vatnos

Stats: Speed:6 Traction:3 Torque:1 Armour:6 Weapon:14

Description: A horizontal spinner with a rear wedge.

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Reasonable Insanity

by Mike_Savage_Ledger

Stats: Speed:4 Weapon:14 Torque:3 Traction:3 Armour:6

Description: This bot comes with a ramp on the front and bottom, with a solid steel blade on top, and six "sewer snake" type wheels. the blade is designed much like that of icewave, however this blade has 3 prongs.

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by HitMyWhip

Stats: Speed:6 Traction:4 Torque:3 Weapon:14 (7 to right spinner, 7 to left spinner) Armor:3

Description: One of the bars is an over cutter, and one is an under cutter.

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The Lonesome Wanderer

by xzbobzx

Stats: Speed:2 Weapon:11 Torque:3 Traction:6 Armor:8

Description: It's a spinner bot with a tilting circular blade. It's a bit too bad Lego Digital Designer only has completely circular blades, but imagine two Hypnodisc-like teeth on opposite sides of each other on the edge of the blade. Both tilted up at a ~45 degree so as to not hit the floor when the tilted blade is spinning. Contrary to popular belief, the air scoop doesn't actually scoop air. In fact, it doesn't really do much of anything. It doesn't even lead anywhere, too. It just looks hella rad.

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by attackfrog

Stats: Speed:5 Traction:5 Torque:6 Weapon:5 Armor:9 (+2 Shock Absorber)

Description: Undertow is a tenacious flipper with a thick, shock mounted armor plate mounted on the rear for defense against spinners and other robots with scary weapons. The flipper can also be used to self-right.

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by HotDealsInTexas

Stats: Speed:5 Traction:3 Torque:4 Weapon:9 Armour:9

Description: This robot is a front-hinged flipper, which means that it has to get most of the opponent on top of the wedge to be effective. Also, while in theory the flipper can launch an opponent 6 feet above the floor (6 inches * weapon power of 9 + 18 inch height of flipper at end of stroke), in practice it will usually throw robots at a low angle. A flip where the opponent is sent 3-4 feet in the air and travels 8-12 feet horizontally before landing wouldn't be uncommon.

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by m1k3yd33t

Stats: Speed:1 Traction:8 Armor:10 Torque:10 Weapon:1

Description: Box. (yes with the period) is a big, heavily armored box. Box. has a single pneumatic spike which doesn't hurt much, but looks pretty. Box. tries to push other tiny bots. That's all Box. is.

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by terriblemayo

Stats: Speed:6 Traction:4 Torque:3 Weapon:11 Armor:6

Description: Fast 2WD robot with a strong vertical spinner. The pyramid/wedge shape will help absorb horizontal spinner blows, and the 'horns' on the back are to self-right the robot.

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Dragon Wolf

by Sebastionul

Stats: Speed:5 Traction:3 Torque:2 Weapon:10 Armor:10

Description: Similar to Super Megabyte , but instead shaped like a complete cone. Uses the same kind of weapon - fast shell spinner with some rough edges for extra damage. Shallow angled, hopefully resistant against horizontal spinners. Uses mecanum wheels for easier sideways moves - the wheels are reducing frontal speed a lot but eliminate the need to turn the whole chassis in order to move sideways.

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Stats: Speed:6 Weapon:4 Torque:5 Traction:6 Armor:9

Description: A non spinner dome robot with a fast air powered raising platform (flipper? That is what it seems closest to in the rules). The low profile allows it to get under bots and the 4-tiled hinged surface allows it to be less affected by flippers and outward drums(a la biohazard's design). The bot also has a modular option in the front for a pusher.

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by TinyLittleBirdy

Stats: Speed:4 Traction:5 Armor:13 Torque:4 Weapons:4

Description: Has lifters/clamps.

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by lij2015

Stats: Speed:5 Traction:4 Torque:5 Weapon:10 Armour:6

Description: A four wheel swerve drive. An all sided wedge to protect the wheels, with a 360 Degree rotating spinner at the top that allows each blade can fold up and down to act as a self-righting mechanism. The blade is only 3-6" off the ground.

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by g0re

Stats: Speed:5 Torque:3 Traction:1 Armor:8 (weapon armor is 11 for the flipper arm and 13 for the ring) Weapon power for both weapons is: 13

Description: An invertible ring spinner with a kinetic flipping arm using the same system as team whyachi's warrior SKF. Because of this, I can use a two weapon system without losing potency. The rear wheels are large enough to protrude through the top of the bot, allowing for mobility when inverted until the flipper can gain enough power to right myself.

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by Cha0sFerret

Stats: Speed:3 Traction:7 Torque:5 Weapon:3 Armor:12

Description: Treads instead of wheels, large front hydraulic lifting scoop, rear wedge. It is heavily armored, but had to give up a lot of mobility to stay within the weight limit. It is technically invertible, but the plow is a bit awkward while upside-down.

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Red Death

by Xccepted

Stats: Speed:4 Traction:4 Torque:4 Weapon:12 Armor:6

Description: 3wd, one big red spinning double sided blade, can drive upside-down to an extent.

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Snoo Bot

by diamondpenguin22

Stats: Speed:5 Armor:10 Torque:3 traction:5 Weapon:7

Description: Horizontal Spinner.

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The Rainbow Dasher

by scorpion1m

Stats: Speed:6 Traction:9 Torque:7 Weapon:2 Armor:6 (+2 for the plow)

Description: It's invertible and the two metal bits on the top are a firestorm esc lifter. It has enough power to push robots off its top and lift them over, but won't make robots fly. It can self right if I drive backwards. It has a maximum of 20-25 flips which can vary from battle to battle.

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Uppercut V0.5

by Hiicantpk

Stats: Speed:4 Traction:4 Torque:5 Weapon:7 Armor:10

Description: Basically if Bronco and Counter Revolution had a robo baby, this is pretty much what it would look like. Both flippers are activated at once, but since they're on different axes, each loses one point.

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by NoiseyGiraffe

Stats: Speed:4 Traction:7 Torque:1 Armor:6 Weapon:12

Description: A tracked, invertible robot with a double-headed spinning axe. The spinning axe is designed to be as low to the ground as possible so it can get underneath a robot to flip and cause damage to a robot. Skirts are at the front to help get underneath and prevent flippers. Polycarbonate panels stop the robot getting stranded on it side.

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Big Kahuna

by DoubleWatson

Stats: Speed:2 Traction:2 Torque:6 Armor:6 (+5 Wedge) Weapon:15

Description: A boxy robot with armored wedge, one time use spring-powered spear and butane flamethrowers.

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Biohazard Black Widow

by sapp2013

Stats: Speed:3 Traction:5 Torque:10 Weapon:8 Armour:4

Description: 6wd; 4 pneumatic clamps (opposites close/open together); Interchangeable parts: 8 - 8" pneumatic spikes, 2 between each clamp. / same spikes as above but static at a set position ranging between 1" and 8" from side of robot. / 2 spikes between clamps turn into 1 flat pneumatic rammer which is attached to the spikes for a total of 4 rammers.

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Channel One

by galchannel

Stats: Speed:5 Traction:3 Torque:7 Weapon:9 Armor:6

Description: The robot's design is your standard drum spinner.

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Crazy Lobster

by StevenTheTerrible

Stats: Speed:3 Traction:3 Torque:6 Weapon:10 Armor:8

Description: With a pneumatically operated clamp to hold other bots in place as it violently punches through their armor with a pneumatic armor-piercing spike. Its lobstered steel armor will deflect even the mightiest of blows. All in all this bot is a lobster.

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by Badnik96

Stats: Speed:13 Weapon:2 Armor:7 Traction:7 Torque:1

Description: Full-body spinner which uses melty-brain technology to move around the arena while spinning. the weapon heads are designed to sweep wedges to the side while also damaging them.

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Dreadnought MK2

by IceCubedRobotics

Stats: Speed:8 Traction:8 Armour:8 Weapon:4 Torque:2

Description: It's a sleek and low design with angled front wedge protectors on the corners for additional protection against spinners and to provide additional range to its weapon- a rather nice front-hinged Flipper that can not only knock opponents upside the head with a strong gas-powered haymaker, but also quickly flip it back over if it gets turned upside-down.

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Golden Blaze 2015

by Mystic2000

Stats: Speed:7 Traction:4 Torque:1 Weapon:12 Armor:6

Description: At first it may seem like a classic Tornado Mer style spinner with a Megabyte style pole, but actually it doubles as a Melty Brain thwack so both the chassis and the blade spin, both clockwise, the point of having the chassis spinning is so that if any wedge or bot is too low for the blade to hit it, the chassis's rotating motion coupled with the 8 undercutting blades will deflect it away and damage it. Has 4 wheels located at the cardinal points of the chassis, which is also angled for increased spinner resistance.

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by C00kies4ever

Stats: Speed:4 Torque:4 Traction:7 Armor:7 (+1 to the wedge) Weapons:8

Description: Hotaru is a clamping bot with a flamethrower (on the bottom of the "head") and a drum spinner at the back. It may look like it uses wheels to move, but those don't actually work. They're tires, basically used as a layer of sacrificial armor, designed to absorb big hits from spinners early on, to try and survive as long as possible against these bots. Hotaru moves by using the "tank treads" in the middle of the bot, which gives it a great turning ability and a lot of traction.

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Meta Ridley


Stats: Speed:6 Traction:4 Torque:1 Armour:6 Weapon:13

Description: 2WD undercutter (and can work as an overcutter if inverted) and features a backup thwacking tail. The side view may make the top look sloped, but that's just perspective, it's really just flat.

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by factorsofx

Stats: Speed:6 Traction:2 Torque:2 Weapon:12 Armor:8

Description: Omni-bus is an omnidirectional flipper that uses a flywheel to store up a lot more energy than a normal flipper has. The flywheel has short and wide teeth that can contact the back of the flipper and cause it to flip. Additionally, the flywheel is partially exposed and can damage opponents directly. Omni-bus, as the name implies, uses four omniwheels offset 90° from each other, independently driven, and thus has a holonomic drive. It can move any direction while turning any direction. It should be able to self-right by running the flywheel along the ground and then using the flipper.

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by TBR-93

Stats: Speed:5 Traction:5 Torque:2 Weapon:11 Armour:7

Description: Powerdrive's main weapon is a spinning drum (the edged blades on top where the wedge is in front). It's second weaponry is a srimech.

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by playzooki

Stats: Speed:7 Traction:7 Torque:5 Armour:11 Weapon:0

Description: It's a 2wd rammer with a hinged wedge on the back. It's invertible and the design of the front wedge makes sure robots shouldn't be able to drive over it.

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The Dork Night

by Jjerot

Stats: Speed:4 Traction:4 Torque:3 Weapon:14 Armour:5

Description: This is a bot of mystery. Maybe we should ask Bruce Wayne about it?

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Tiki Man

by HikerAdam2

Stats: Speed:5 Traction:6 Torque:5 Armor:7 Weapon:7

Description: This robot boasts a full wedge design with a drum embedded into the wedge. This drum has blunt tips on it that are designed for tossing and bending instead of tearing. Tiki Man also has a stainless steel plow in the back for ramming and shoving purposes. This bot is completely invertible however it's weapon becomes a bit ineffective when flipped. To help with ground clearance, Tiki Man has hinged skirts all around the sides to help with flippers and other wedges.

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